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Active Media Communication (AMC) is one of the best advertising agency, based in New Delhi, striving to present its finest advertising services to clients in Indian and across the world. We, at AMC offer a complete range of advertising services that match with every business needs. To launch a new products or services and to make it access to the new and existing customers, every company need to advertise their products or services. To consider the clients demand, we are equipped with complete advertising services. Our motive is to reach your products or service in the hands of large number of customers in India and abroad. We always expect to give the best services to every client and continue this business relationship to serve you in future.

We offer services such as Newspaper advertising, TVC or Television Ads, Radio Jingle, e-media & Digital Media advertisements and computer based graphics design, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization and Branding work. Our Team has expertise in Graphic Design and other printing products such as Brochure, catalogs, calendars, diaries, coffee table book, annual reports, magazines, books, hoardings, backdrop, poster, flax, vinyl, etc. We serve our client’s by providing creative design and quality output with budgeted prices, so as to make this client relationship forever.

Our commitment and creativity is the best tool to sustain business in this competitive world and client’s satisfaction energize us to think creatively which helps to present a complete solutions of client’s needs. Our work speaks about our experience and client satisfaction is the best rewards that we always expect from clients always. If you have any advertising, designing, printing or online or Internet marketing services requirement and are looking for an advertising agency for promotional purpose like outdoor advertising, printing for branding, newspaper advertisement or any other kind of graphics designing needs, then let’s try our service once to serve your needs and thereafter serve you in future. Active Media Communication has the excellence and creativity to promote your products and services and later convert this advertisement into sales.

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About Active Media Communication

Active Media Communication is an advertising agency since 2011. Its forte has been an impactful translation of the client’s needs. The agency boasts of its technical know how and the expertise of dealing in vital advertising media.


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Active Media Communication providing Advertising Services like Display & Classified Ads in Newspapers, Printing & Designing for Events etc. We create innovative & Creative designs with help of our expertise creative team.

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